Nourish & Thrive Private Coaching

I’ve been where you are

For years and years I struggled with my body. From severe restriction to over eating and gaining weight, I was no longer comfortable in my body. I was stuck in the diet culture cycle of thinking I should try a new diet, count all my calories, and that all I needed was more willpower.

I was so so wrong.

Instead, what I really needed was to dig deep, uncover the root causes, the why behind my eating behaviors and learn the science behind nutrition and how to properly fuel my body.
Though it took much trial and error, I was finally able to restore my relationship with food and my body, stop the tracking and obsession, shed the excess weight, and gain back energy, confidence & happiness.

It’s time to stop dieting & start living

It’s time to stop being at war with your own body and instead work with it!
Let me show you how you can break the cycle. Stop yo-yoing for good and finally feel truly healthy and confident in your body so you can truly start living your life to the fullest.

This Program is For You If…

-you’ve struggled with yo-yoing and/or an all or nothing mindset
-you’re stressed out & tired AF with dieting but have weight loss/health goals
-you want stable energy & mental clarity
-you want to eat foods you love & finally have a positive relationship with food
-you want to stop having PMS & bloating
-you want to start loving what you see in the mirror & feel confident in your body
-you’re interested in a holistic approach
-you’re ready for change, but unsure where to start with so much mixed messaging online

The Nourish & Thrive 3 Month Transformational Program Includes:

-An in depth health assessment
-1×1 video coaching calls
-Weekly check ins
-Personalized nutrition guidance
-Access to my Wellness Kickstart Course
-Exercise and supplementation protocols
-UNLIMITED messaging access

Meet Your Coach

Hi there!
I’m Casey, a wellness enthusiast, certified in both holistic and exercise nutrition. After struggling with food and my body for almost a decade, I know what it’s like to be a victim of diet culture and overwhelmed with all the noise surrounding food and wellness. I’m here to help you feel and look your best by focusing on sustainable holistic approaches that are catered to your goals and lifestyle. When working with me you will have me as your coach, cheerleader and support as we work together to navigate your health journey so you can stop stressing about food and start feeling balanced, healthy, energized & confident in your body.

Stop Putting Your Health
on the Back Burner!
Apply Today

Stop wasting time, energy & money on plans that don’t work.
No more stressing your mind & body out, going from diet to diet without results that never stick.
Let me help you achieve your health & wellness goals.
Let this be the final investment you need to make in your journey.

Fill out the application form & I will be in touch about scheduling your free discovery call.

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