I was very upset with myself after gaining weight. I kept falling for different diets and ‘health’ apps because I was so desperate and let down. I blamed the pandemic, wedding, job, stress etc and could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Working with Casey helped let go of the diet BS and reconnect with my gut and body. I feel more in tune and actually see the benefit of eating in a balanced way.

I feel more energized, less bloated and have a clear view of my health goals. Through our calls and messages I had cheerleader and honest voice to work through my concerns. Especially relating to my Crohn’s, acne, supplements, people pleasing… all and all this is the greatest investment for myself, and my Puerto Rican mother agrees.

-Natalie S

Casey has been an absolute gem! I cannot thank her enough for helping me overcome the obstacles that were preventing me from having a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

When Casey came into my life, I wasn’t in the greatest place. I wasn’t working out, I was the heaviest I had ever been, I was feeling fatigued, and lacked any motivation to improve my nutrition. I work as an early childhood educator, so I am on my feet all day and caring for little humans can be taxing. I was serving from an empty cup, and I knew this needed to change!

Casey has helped me reset my priorities, establish strategies to manage stress and remove the obstacles that would lead me to ordering takeout or Ubereats after a long day at work, , identify the areas where I can set boundaries with others to prevent me from overeating and become and advocate for my health. I enjoy cooking and I’m a foodie, so Casey helped me create my own meal plans that suit my lifestyle. She helped me simplify my approach to cooking and meal prepping, when it seemed like I was attempting to be ‘Martha Stewart’ every time.

I cannot speak highly enough of Casey– I can recommend her service to anyone looking to make the tough but ultimately rewarding lifestyle change. 

-Natalie V

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