I am not here to calculate your macros or give you a 14 day quick fix. Women come to me because they are done with diets and want to feel like their best most vibrant selves, without restriction.

Striving to Achieve Optimal Health but Overwhelmed with the Wellness “Noise”:

Earlier this year, I felt overwhelmed and confused by the inconsistent and ever-changing research on what was “healthy.” From keto to Whole 30 and beyond, it’s easy to go down a dangerous rabbithole with an extreme diet that may not even be right or you. I wanted to maintain my weight and fitness level while experiencing sustained energy, and I knew that gaining control over my fickle routine would help balance various facets of my life (especially during the difficult year that 2020 has been).

Working with Casey has helped me to achieve those goals and more. She takes a personalized approach to nutrition, never exerting blanket suggestions or conforming to fads. Her approach was centered around creating sustainable guidelines that not only worked for me, but that I truly enjoyed. This meant no extreme elimination or vilifying of certain foods, along with tons of healthy recipe ideas and hacks. Her positive attitude is contagious and she was always available and approachable. After beginning my personalized reset plan constructed by Casey, I lost 5 pounds in the first month simply from shifting to a more nutrient-dense diet based on whole foods and healthful abundance.  I highly recommend Casey to anyone who is seeking nutrition guidance and support without an austere set of restrictions or calorie limitations.


Looking to Create a more Positive Relationship with Nutrition and Gain Energy and Food Confidence:

The past few years I tried to learn about healthier ways to cook or eat out, but it became hard to know what was factual and sustainable when it comes to “healthy” eating with all the fads currently trending and content out there being shared by those who may or may not have the proper education in nutrition.

Working with Casey has helped me learn how to live that healthier lifestyle I was seeking. Her passion and education for nutrition shines through during her sessions, as she personalized plans with me and was always available to answer questions I had. She worked with me weekly on proper nutrition backgrounding, hunger levels, and how to build a proper plate for my meals, so I felt more educated in decisions I was making with cooking/eating out on a daily basis. She never made me feel like I had to eliminate certain foods or feel restricted. Instead, she helped me learn about the balance of my food groups and transformed the way I think about nutrition in a positive, healthy way to keep me feeling fueled and energized, while still being able to enjoy being the foodie that I am!

I highly recommend Casey to anyone who is looking to be more educated in nutrition like I was. She has helped me lose and maintain weight by simply educating me to understand my food decisions better and make healthier, sustainable choices that I actually enjoy!


Seeking Health and Balance without Restriction:

I came to Casey looking for balance in my life. I have tried a myriad of diets and found my self often looking to get “back on my health game.” I was sick of starting again on Monday, and knew there had to be a better way. Casey helped me to see that it wasn’t me that was the problem, but diet culture telling me I had to be on some sort of strict plan in order to be healthy and achieve results.

Since working with Casey, I have been able to maintain a consistent healthy weight that I feel good at, but more importantly, I have more energy and am no longer thinking about food all the time. She has given me the tools to make healthier choices without restriction that I can use forever.


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